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Find The Stone

Aug 6, 2020

We pick back up with DeemZoo with part 2, as Aris explains how baby blood is all the rage. Check out DeemZoo for great nature noise makin’ good times!

Jul 26, 2020

On this episode of Find the Stone, we have another 2 parter, and a first time guest (2nd episode to follow) Producer/DJ who specializes in psychedelic bass therapy, “DeemZoo”. He tells us about his love for animals, the DMT realm, and of course, we enter into some polarizing topics.

Jul 15, 2020

FTS completes its two part sit down with Brandon Toney! We continue to bring up the hilarious inconsistencies in our culture, while we teach you the proper way to cook a steak Pittsburgh style.

Jul 9, 2020

Aris and Bobby go mobile for the first time to chat with our buddy, Brandon Toney. We visit his home, the domain of a local firefighter, a "dead giveaway" noted by the blue berry lemonade hand sanitizer, and a plethora of his (daughters) dolls. We discuss the life of fire, Andrew Schultz roasting Shaun King, and...

Jun 16, 2020

3/3 Chris Bossio joins FTS to discuss everything happening in the US involving the ongoing protest. As a business owner, giant voice within the barber community, and self thinker, Bossio makes his 2nd appearance on FTS to give much needed clarity to issues are facing as a society.